Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How All This Passion For Shoes Started?

It all started in Elementary School. There was this kid, everyone wanted to be friends with because he was such a "bad boy" in school and, in addition, he was playing basketball. That kid turned out to be a good friend of mine at that time. Of course, at that age, it is quite funny how we didn’t really care about what we wore and how we look like. But strangely, that kid had style. I have to mention that he was a little older than us though. One day, he came to school wearing a pair of Air Jordan 13 "Flints" (97-98, the year they were released for the first time). It was a pair that his older brother gave it to him. They were so nice and clean that I still remember what outfit he was wearing that day….No joke!  Later, I tried to ask my parents to buy those shoes for my birthday. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t crazy enough to buy me shoes that expensive.
 Air Jordan 13 «Flint»

My first year in High School, I was about 12 years old (around 2000), was the year I got my first pair of shoes above 100$. I went, with my sister, to Footlocker (it was like heaven on earth) and she told me:  «pick whatever you want. It will be your gift for this year, and if you do well in school, I'll buy you some more». I ended up choosing the «Nike Air Zoom GP II» (Gary Payton signature shoes). I wore that pair all year long until they were completely teared down. The following year, my sister held promise and bought me a pair of Air Jordan 16 "Midnight Navy", followed by the Reebok Answer V. From there on, I began to be passionate by shoes until these days.

Of course, I have to thank my older sister, who kept on buying me shoes even though she didn’t really have the money for it at that time, but still want me to be «fresh» in school.

Nike Air Zoom GP II

Air Jordan 16 «Midnight-Navy»

Reebok Answer V

  *** English is my third language, so let me know if I made any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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